FLAG Therapeutics Issued Two New Patents

RALEIGH, Feb 11, 2019 -- FLAG Therapeutics Inc. (www.FLAGtherapeutics.com), announced today that it has received two additional U.S. patents for its two novel small-molecule platforms from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

This U.S. patent protection for these two patents include composition of matter through 2035.

About FLAG’s Novel Platforms

FLAG Therapeutics’ two novel classes of investigational drugs, Anti-angiogenic & Anti-tubulin (AA/AT) and Purine Synthesis Inhibitors (PSI), are designed to harness the power of multiple therapeutic actions targeted by highly water-soluble small molecule compounds. Engineered to specifically overcome the shortcomings of conventional cancer therapies, namely efficacy, tolerability and drug resistance issues, FLAG’s investigational compounds hold the potential to treat multiple cancer types, including brain, lung, ovarian and pancreatic.  

ANTI-ANGIOGENIC & ANTI-TUBULIN (AA/AT) - FLAG’s lead candidate, FLAG-003, is a clinical-stage product under investigational use for Glioma. FLAG’s AA/AT compounds are the only dual-acting small molecule compounds that combine the proven activity of the two primary classes of oncology therapeutics. These compounds are designed to circumvent the two major mechanisms of drug resistance (Pgp and β-III tubulin overexpression) that limit the utility of current cytotoxic therapies (such as taxanes and vinca alkaloids).

PURINE SYNTHESIS INHIBITORS (PSI) - FLAG’s Purine Synthesis Inhibitors (PSI) are novel compounds meticulously designed to avoid uptake by the ubiquitous RFC and to enter cells only via receptor sites that are over-expressed on cancer cells (e.g., folate receptor alpha, beta and PCFT), leaving normal cells intact. PSI’s are designed to impart cytotoxicity via potent inhibition of β-glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase (GARFTase), which catalyzes the first folate-dependent reaction in de novo purine nucleotide biosynthesis as well as inhibits one-carbon mitochondrial processing via SHMT-1 and SHMT-2 inhibition.

About FLAG Therapeutics

FLAG Therapeutics Inc., headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., is a clinical stage oncology company focused on the development of therapies based on two novel classes of small-molecule, water-soluble drugs. In vivo studies suggest that both classes of compounds —anti-angiogenic and anti-tubulin (AA/AT) and Purine Synthesis Inhibitors — hold the potential to treat multiple cancer types with greater safety and efficacy than conventional therapies. FLAG Therapeutics has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to these compounds from Duquesne University.  


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