A Lifetime of Cancer Research

University’s Largest Licensing Agreement— with Alumnus— Puts Anti-Cancer Compounds on Path to Commercialization

The largest licensing agreement in Duquesne University’s history brings the fruits of Dr. Aleem Gangjee’s career-long fight against cancer all the closer to commercialization.

“This is a unique opportunity for one of our researchers to join forces with an alumnus who can further his research efforts and attempt to bring these compounds to market,” says Pharmacy Dean J. Douglas Bricker.

The November agreement with FLAG Therapeutics cements Duquesne’s reputation as a top-tier research institution, strengthens the relationship between Duquesne and the company’s President and CEO Dr. Frank Sorgi, a graduate of the School of Pharmacy and the School of Business—and buoys the lifelong dream of researcher Dr. Aleem Gangjee to fight back against the villainous disease that claimed his grandmother’s life and the lives of about 7.6 million people every year. It’s hard to pick the sweetest part of the deal.

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Aaron White