Anti-angiogenic & Anti-tubulin (AA/AT)

FLAG’s lead candidate, FLAG-003, is a clinical-stage product under investigational use for Glioma.

FLAG’s AA/AT compounds are the only dual-acting small molecule compounds that combine the proven activity of the two primary classes of oncology therapeutics. 

These compounds are designed to circumvent the two major mechanisms of drug resistance (Pgp and β-III tubulin overexpression) that limit the utility of current cytotoxic therapies (such as taxanes and vinca alkaloids).

FLAG003 molecule v2.png

Bi-specific, Single agent

Anti-angiogencic (blue) - Not a substrate for PGP or ß-III (and therefore shows no resistance mechanism) and binds specifically to EGFR, VEGF and PDGFR growth factors.

Anti-tubulin (red) - Inhibits tubulin assembly and suppresses microtubule formation at the colchicine binding site